My Journey

My parents bought me a keyboard (Korg Poly 800) when I was 14, so I was asked to jam with a few of the local musicians in the small town I lived in. Not because I could play it, as I did not know anything about how to play or read music, but because no one else had a keyboard.

I later realized that what I really wanted to do, was play guitar.After picking out a few notes and chords myself, a friend loaned me an acoustic and showed me a few things to work on. I was hooked (no pun intended). I was quite a bit younger than the other members of the first band I was involved with. Some of which were music majors in college. They would write, I would compose (still ignorant to the study of music) for about 3 years. This is when we recorded our first album (cassette). Aside from picking out the occasional riff or tune from one of my favorite artists, my learning of the instrument was mostly on original work.

After departing from my first band, I dabbled in some hybrid cover/original bands, learning different styles and studying music production. I built a small home project recording studio and was an intern at Sweetwater Sound while studying to be an audio engineer. I produced a small number of projects for some local acts, as well as my own, before taking a break. Life happens... Due to some unrelenting twists and turns, I had to give up music completely. I did not touch an instrument for about 18 years. It was at this time that my wife (whom I met while I waas playing) bought me an acoustic guitar for Christmas. This started to reinvigorate my passion to play again. I really had no desire to get back on a stage or cawl into a studio, until I heard this talented young lady named Nikki sing.

We decided to work on some original material together so I built another home project studio. During the building project, she asked me to join her in creating a new cover band. The best part of the decision to join her, has been the fun and creativity I get to share with these talented individuals. We call ourselves Set The Hook!